About Us

profile-color.jpgHello, my name is Petra Gurin and I'm the owner and chief curator at Ethnic Origin Company. Driven by a love of beauty and a desire to preserve the  past, I spent years developing my aesthetic eyes through a multitude of experiences including working as an interior stylist, photographer, potter, floral designer and refinisher of antique goods. 

As an immigrant, I have a good understanding of what it means to adapt to changes and how painful progress can be. I was born in Hungary and spent my early life living under a socialist regime. As I child I listened to stories of my own family about the devastation left in the aftermath of World War II and learned about the treasured artifacts lost in the destruction. Untold stories lost in time.      

Today, I’m a student of anthropology (at Oregon State University) with a love for art, a passion for history and a heart for preserving the stories of our ancestors. Ethnic Origin Company is the manifestation of my desires to reconnect. By sharing my collection with the world through the preservation and safekeeping of ethnic treasures, I would like to support artisans and tell their untold stories to raise awareness. 

I'm an avid supporter of Survival International, because I feel that indigenous people are in danger, neglected and exploited by modern societies. It is our responsibility as a human race to preserve and safe keep our roots, our origin. There’s so much we can learn from indigenous people, one good example is their relationship with the environment, which they’ve been taking care of for thousands of years. Hoping that my involvement with Survival International will encourage others, and together we can make a difference. Your donation greatly appreciated. To donate to Survival International, please visit their website below.


Ethnic Origin Company supports Greenpeace, the non-governmental organization that focuses its campaigns on worldwide issues such as climate change, sustainability, deforestation, overfishing and other pressing environmental and social issues.