Authentic African Mudcloth pillow cover 18"x18" Black, Mali

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Traditional, African fabrics like this Bogolanfini aka mud cloth of Mali is well known. Mud cloth is made of cotton strips and it's hand woven by men and stitched together to form a larger cloth. Women then decorate the cloth with mud by hand from the seasonal rivers in Mali( (back in the old days), and they also use organic dye (leaves, roots, tree barks to achieve the colors) and dye the textile by hand. Mud cloth patterns are rich with meaning for the Bamana people of Mali; they symbolize the use of the cloth or convey messages to the wearer.    

"She introduced me to the ancient man and his wife.We sat and chatted. The elder man was a renowned féticheur and he offered to divine my future. Clad in the dark heavy weave of mudcloth,heavy strips of cotton cloth sewn together and dyed with mud,called bogolanfini, he sat in the shadowed heat of closed hut and threw cowry shells in the sand." Monique and the Mango Rains by Kris Holloway. 

Mudcloth face with denim/cotton backing:
-Mudcloth 100% Hand Woven Cotton
-Back side of pillow is white, Denim/Cotton made in India.
-Invisible Zipper
-Pillow Insert is NOT included, case only

Size of pillow cover: 18"x18"

Care instructions: Spot clean, machine wash cold on hand wash cycle, or dry clean.

*Artisan crafted and due to it's handmade nature no two alike. Variations are likely and celebrated. The fabric could have many imperfections, minor tears and tiny holes are possible as well. We thrive to select the best intact part of the fabric. The wear and tear, the aging of the fabric inevitably adds to the character of this vintage textile.