Chiwara, Mali

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Chiwara is a ritual object representing an antelope, used by the Bambara ethnic group in Mali. The Chiwara initiation society uses Chiwara masks, as well as dances and rituals associated primarily with agriculture, to teach young Bamana men social values as well as agricultural techniques. Chiwara represents a Roan Antelope with an almost human face. The hero descends from the sky goddess, and thus represents the sun, its body is often elongated and short legged to represent the aardvark who burrows into the earth like a farmer. Its high horns echo the stalks of millet and the zig-zag patterns echo the movement of the sun across the sky.

Size: 36"x10"Wx4"

*Artisan crafted and due to it's handmade nature no two alike. Variations are likely and celebrated.