Tuareg Tejikant Bowl Support and Bowl,Mali/Niger/Mauritania

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The Tuareg are desert nomads living in the regions surrounding the Sahara. They are famous for their beautiful jewelry, leatherwork and woodwork, all of which are created by the Enaden, a separate caste of blacksmiths who traditionally live amongst the Tuareg. Because the Tuareg are nomadic, they are limited in their possessions - for this reason everything that they own is not only beautiful and highly decorative, but also functional. During bad times, when food is short, they will use their goods as trade items. Wooden bowls are carved out of African hardwoods, making them durable and multi-functional. They have a beautiful symmetry. Most of the bowls are decoratively carved on the outside with geometrical shapes. Some have intricate, repetitive designs. The bowls would be used for all sorts of purposes. Sometimes cracks or holes in the bowls are repaired with pieces of metal. These repairs are hammered onto the wood and decorated with patterns. The repairs can add to the aesthetic appeal of the bowl.

This stunning Tuareg Tejikant Bowl Support comes with the matching bowl. Estimated time of origin is the early 20th century.

Size: 41"H x 14" x 14"